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Holiday Sensory Gift Guide!

The holiday season has officially started! Finding sensory gifts for kids is pretty easy these days, but finding ones for adults or teens can be a little more difficult. I wanted to share some of my favorite sensory products for adults/teens to brighten up the holidays. So whether you're shopping for yourself, your family member, or your friend, see some choices below for great options!

If you're shopping for someone else, get them something of their selected interest! Several autistic people have intense interests in a few areas, so take the time to learn what they're into. Maybe it's Star Wars, maybe it's jewelry, but whatever it is - a related gift is sure to be a hit.

Adapted James is an autistic adult who makes awesome sensory gifts! Some of my favorites include:

  • Weighted lap pads in various weights from child to adult (These help people concentrate and ease anxiety!)

  • Themed fidget boxes with lots of cool things; he even makes subscription boxes.

Fashionable rings that double as fidgets:

This low-key fidget that's perfect for sitting on a desk at work

The Google Home Mini or the Alexa Echo Dot are favorites of mine for many reasons. They both are capable of reminding you to do something, playing music, and playing calming white noise when needed. If you're stuck on which one to get, there's a helpful comparison here.

Weighted blankets are one of my favorite things! I have one, and it is incredibly calming. There are several available on Amazon and Etsy.

Adult coloring books make for a great stocking stuffer or addition to any gift! They can promote stress relief and relaxation through creative expression.

Compression shirts can provide sensory input to help calm during the day, but they're also great for keeping warm in cold weather! The one linked above is tagless for added comfort.

The new Airpods Pro have active noise cancellation, which can help lower the sounds when commuting or walking through a busy city. Plus, they're on everyone's holiday wish list this year!

Adding another awesome autistic maker to the list: check out the incredible products on Hygge Me for other sensory-inspired gifts!

These are just some of my thoughts on the best gifts this year. What do you think makes a great sensory gift?!

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